What is Email Integration?

Email integration involves using email marketing tools to develop robust marketing methods.

Salestack CRM software is one way to integrate your emails for a more effective marketing strategy. In addition, it enables you to receive timely updates straight to your device, customize standard email templates, send bulk emails, schedule your emails and even sequence it.

Integrate with Salescamp CRM and reduce your time to switch over mails.

Integrate a Gmail account, and connect with customers effortlessly, store all the customer emails, questions, and fill-ins that are sent through this account. Use automation, Log conversations, and send customized messages right from the Software.

Email system integrated into Salestack CRM and user can save Email Templates and User can set Auto Email to send to the customer.

Advantages of Email Integration

Cost-effective, easy-breezy, hassle-free, efficient, user-friendly, and saves time.