What can CRM do for Business?


CRM is business software that helps individuals and teams maximize their customer communications and sales efforts. CRM isn’t simply an address book. It empowers your team to build relationships more effectively and provide the best customer experience from evaluation to purchase and beyond.

A CRM system maintains and manages data obtained from multiple sources and touch points, including email, the company website, social media, etc. 

Feature includes:

·         Reporting and dashboards:

A CRM provides its users with the ability to visualize important trends and business metrics. 

·         Sales management:

With CRM software, a business can track its sales process from the initial lead, or prospect stage, to becoming opportunities, through to the final order conversion stage.

·         Marketing campaign management

A CRM system allows you to manage campaigns from start to end using automated workflows wherever necessary.

·         Service management

A CRM system allows you to manage service delivery from before purchase, to contract delivery and renewal, and whether your service is preventative or reactive, and delivered on site or remotely.

·         Insights generation:


A CRM tool can also analyze large amounts of data and generate actionable insights from it.


In addition to allowing a business to manage its customer relationships better, a CRM also helps in:


·         Increasing revenues by increasing sales opportunities


A CRM system provides an organization with information and insights it can use to identify more sales opportunities.


·         Segment customers with ease:


A CRM allows you to profile your customers based on purchase indicators like history, demographics, engagement and level of interest etc.


·         Cross-departmental alignment:


               A CRM system helps in aligning your marketing and sales teams which creates harmony within the workforce and increases productivity.